aesthetically pleasing & architecturally correct finishes

Sandblasting & Glass Beading

Sandblasting is the process of shooting special media with compressed air to remove rust and clean the surface of metal.

Our sandblast booth is 14'x14'x36' and can process garnet, steel shot, and glass bead.

Please watch this video about the importance of sandblasting.

Beautiful Powder Coat Finishes

There are literally thousands of color choices in powder coating. RMC is pleased to be recognized as the regions most consistent producer of impeccable quality standards in finish coats.

We are truly a manufacturer's partner.

Because powder coating is one of the last steps of the manufacturing process, our team is focused on acting as an extension of your organization.

We help build synergy with our manufacturing customers by offering pickup & delivery services, accurate scheduling, and parts packaging to ensure your customers enjoy the best experience possible.