RMC currently powder coats for a large range of aerospace projects including aircraft interiors, ground support equipment, structural components, engine mounts, and armament.


Whether functional or decorative, we have an extensive portfolio of completed art projects, including Reiquam (pictured) Chihuly, Trimpin and more.


RMC has over 30 years experience  in the PNW powder coating awnings, gates, beams, doors, and almost every other steel and aluminum element of building construction.

Automotive (commercial only)

RMC works with commercial auto manufacturers including Tesla, for high durability component coatings.

Storefront | Facades

Manufacturers of panels, cladding, railings, steel beams and other building materials choose the durability of RMC Powder Coating.


From entire hulls to masts and davits, RMC is recognized as the leader in marine powder coatings nationwide.

Construction Equipment

From street vacuums to excavator parts to trailers, our large capacity ovens can handle items up to 29'

Electronics Manufacturers

We stock a range of ANSI / ASA colors for electrical cabinets, panels and more.

Furniture Manufacturers

Table bases, drawer pulls, counters, and more can be powder coated. We currently coat a wide range of furniture.

Healthcare (anti-microbial)

Bedframes and equipment support brackets can be coated in anti-microbial powder coatings.

Retail Displays

Store fixtures and product display casing for globally recognized brands are a significant part of our portfolio at RMC Powder Coating

Urban Accessories

Bollards, tree grates, and planter boxes are excellent for powder coating applications due to the longevity and graffiti-resistant properties of the finish. 

Heavy Industrial

Our curing ovens can handle a wide range of metal thicknesses which make it possible to powder coat heavy tooling and weldments.

Deck Plates

Engine rooms on boats benefit greatly from our slip-resistant, sound-deadening polyethylene coatings.


We can powder coat awnings up to 29' in length.

Clear Coating

Clear coatings in a range of glosses can be applied to natural steel and patina finishes.


Exterior and interior handrails are popular items to be powder coated here at RMC. We can handle rails up to 29' in length. 

FDA Approved Coatings

RMC is pleased to offer FDA approved special coatings for food / restaurant applications.